Abilify vs risperdal a parent's view

Widely Used Autism Drug Carries Heavy Risks for Children.

These medications often provide needed relief to children suffering from difficult disorders, but they have potentially severe side effects and must therefore be chosen and monitored with extreme care.

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When a physician prescribes medication for a child, the parents should make sure they understand the risks and benefits of the drug and the potential side effects.

Adderall vs <em>Risperdal</em>. - Roey Pasternak, MD - ADHD NYC Psychiatrist

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Children and adults with autism are sometimes prescribed an array of psychiatric drugs for hyperactivity, poor attention, or challenging behaviors.

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As a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist seeing people with ADHD, I’m stunned by how many of them arrive in my office already taking medications that no one (including the FDA) ever intended to be used for this condition.

Abilify vs risperdal a parent's view:

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